What We Do

ErgoRx.com is a full-service source for your healthy ergonomic computer workspace planning, installation and program management needs. We can assist you every step of the way from budgeting, design, planning, procurement, and project management. Whether your needs are for a brand new space or retrofitting existing spaces for individual or groups. Under the direction of a Physical Therapist and office ergonomics expert, we have accumulated extensive experience creating healthy computer workspaces for individuals and groups, and for a wide variety of spaces- from desks, cubicles, meeting spaces. We address needs from the preventive to special medical needs, both temporary and permanent.

Ergonomic Solutions
For A Better Work Environment

At ErgoRx.com, we believe in the therapeutic power of evidence-based design. Our passion is the elimination of the pandemic that is work-related spine and joint decay that stems directly, and indirectly, from the chronic poor postures and variation habits sported by the most computer users, most of the time. We achieve this by designing ergonomic, universal, and easy-to-use workstation solutions that facilitate healthier postures and movement habit formation across the lifespan.