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At, we believe in the therapeutic power of evidence-based design. Our passion is the elimination of the pandemic that is work-related spine and joint decay that stems directly, and indirectly, from the chronic poor postures and variation habits sported by most computer users, most of the time. We achieve this by designing ergonomic, universal, and easy-to-use workstation solutions that facilitate healthier postures and movement habit formation across the lifespan.

Meet The Founder

Jeannie K

Jeannie Koulizakis, MPT, CEES

Physical Therapist, Certified Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist, Founder at ™

Since the year 2000, I have been treating patients with pain stemming from poor posture while working on a computer. Lab studies have shown that chronic forward leaning is a major cause of that pain and that reclined posture is more comfortable and healthier for the spine. Yet, observational studies of office workers’ postures have repeatedly shown that reclined posture is much less common than forward leaning. Given the comfort and health advantages of reclining while working, why don’t computer users lean back more often?

To answer that question, I began to study work posture behaviors. And, after an unsuccessful search to find a simple, comfortable ergonomic solution designed to specifically deter forward leaning and other chronic awkward postures, in sitting and standing, I realized I had to design one. I created an ergonomic solution which consistently and comfortably triggers neutral working postures, in order to offer a reliable solution to this growing pain pandemic that’s affecting virtually all of us. Introducing the Ankorite System of Ergonomic Postures and Variation Patterns. It’s good postures, good habits, made easy!